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Passengers Automatic Control Security System : Profiling Solution

The growth of the number of passengers, longer lines, and the threat of terrorism is a reality in today’s aviation industry to the point they have significantly influenced both security and processing datas checks and in recent years.

Some checks are completely redundant and the need to better merge them all together has became urgent. Passenger profiling is one solution that is being adopted in terminals all around the world.


That’s why we have the Passenger Automatic Control Security System solution to get a highly flexible solution designed to be applicable in many critical airports.

PACSS Solution is based on a passenger profiling control at check-in counters based on the use of selection rules for passenger's profiles. As an example a passenger who bought an expensive ticket in cash in a country different his port of embarkation or his intended destination, those traveling without any checked luggage for a one-week trip over the Christmas period, or those who paid for their ticket in cash less than 48 hours .

The proven solution can be tailored to any level of the infrastructure security such as transit, VIP Channel and boarding areas, or seaports by enrolling the passengers on appropriate controls or by eliminating them.

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Passenger Profiling provides business benefits to airlines, airports :

Airlines will benefit from:

  • Reducing the cost of security

  • Improving the detection of attackers

  • Increasing the reliability of signals from screening devices

  • Amplifying or Reduce controls for normal passengers

  • Allowing VIP passengers to bypass all the checks to go faster

  • Reducing the inconvenience to normal passengers

  • .......

Airports will benefit from:

  • Reducing airport congestion and longer delays

  • Improving the social welfare

  • Amplifying commercial opportunities for airlines

  • Minimizing the disasters linked to terrorists

  • .......

With our experience, leadership, global presence, and our ability to tailor this solution to fit your needs, requirements and budget, Global Systems is the clear partner to help you detect the 21st century terrorists on the ground, prior to departure and protect your environment more effectively.