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Flight Information Display Systems

Getting the right information at the right time and at the right place to the right persons…all are essential right key systems for airports that grow all the time and must be processed without delay.

Global Systems’ Flight Information Display System is a comprehensive system for the display of flights related information. Targeted for small to big sized airports, it provides your passengers and your visitors with the information wherever they are in the departure lobby, check-in counter, boarding gate, arrival lobby and baggage claim area,...


The system will be a tremendous improvement in information for your passengers. The data being used is as accurate as possible. The information is available on the airport website, as well as throughout the terminal or on cell phones, PDAs. Pwill be able to know about the status of their flight allowing them to be aware for any long delay so that they are able to manage their time accordingly.
Since Global Systems focus on evaluating and processing the airlines datas, the airlines do not need to dedicate additional staff time to these tasks as many systems require.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero

  • Integrated AODB

  • Full support of any character set (arabic, chinese, japanese etc.)

  • Check-in layout definition tool for common and airline individual counter display layouts

  • Account based, level driven alerting system (SMS/Email)

  • Flight scheduling tools

  • Emergency/advertisement message displays

  • Can display the same flight information present in the airport in hotels, internet, cell phones,PDAs,…

  • Support of multimedia, full-motion video and sound

  • Operates in a variety of display technologies including: LED, LCD, Plasma,Split-flap,…

  • Real Time clock

  • ......

  • Quick integration into existing infrastructures

  • Low installation and operating costs

  • Cost reduction

  • Easy-to-understand visualization

  • Expandability

  • Suited for small and large airports alike