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E-Gate & Fast-Track

When you need speed as well as safety and security in border control, an automated system is ideal.

The combination of growth within international travels and the increasing crime have substantially slow down border control processing and lengthened the queues at check-in.


To address these security and processing time problems, Global Systems has developed a two in one solution able to control frequent trusted people and at the same time allowing check-in procedures .

Our solution called Fast Track can be effectively used in passenger control processes by verifying passengers’ documents biometrics information to monitor entrance or exit the equipment.

The biometric passport presented to the equipment is analyzed, controlled and compared with all the information related to the traveler and stored on the smart card for which he must have previously conducted a pre-registration to airport authority.

The FastTrack is an excellent example of how the biometric identification technologies can be introduced to provide a real benefit for busy travelers. As a result of the new system, frequent travelers can swiftly complete registration procedures without any time-consuming formalities. The FastTrack is definitely the way of the future.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero

  • Self Check-in for a quick Check-in service

  • Security improvements

  • Reduce waiting time and inefficiency of manual operation

  • Increase free time to passengers

  • Enhance sells on shops at the airport

  • Increase flights controls efficiency

  • Different means of control to deter fraudsters

  • Allows the design and development of the best user oriented solutions

  • The equipment is 100% compatible and approved by SITA

  • CUTE system runs on the equipment

  • Supports the use and detection of all luggage, including carry-on luggage

  • Can be interfaced

  • Can be used for unidirectional and bidirectional applications, identifying direction by a passenger detection system

  • Includes different types of controls (fingerprint recognition, comparison with external and internal databases of FBI/Interpol,…)