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Common Use Terminal Systems

Rareness spaces in today’s airports is a concern for airports committed to improve their passenger experience, increasing efficiency and reducing passengers waiting time have never been more important. Therefore the need to process more passengers through the same or turn spaces has no longer become an option but a necessity.

With Global Systems CUTE solution, the airports operational team will no longer need dedicated check-in counters but will use the same airport gates, desks and workstations, greatly increasing the volume of traffic that can be accommodated by the infrastructure.

The Shared Platform based on an IP infrastructure can be used by any airline agent allowing access to all the application they need for passengers checking, boarding, transiting with various LDCS DCS and all these on different languages and services (Passenger Statistics…)


Global Systems has supported many airports during their migration to CUTE. Our Team has designed and set up more than 30 airports equipped by CUTE systems... For example CUTE Counters and local DCS systems in 10 Cuban airports, especially 2 major sites: Havana, Varadero and 8 peripheral sites. The sites implementation was completed in less than 3 months allowing the island to enjoy the tourist boom.

We can help you implementing a system tailored to your particular departure passenger processes and flows to meet current demands.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero

  • 24/7/2 minutes CUTE help desk

  • Local Team support

  • Less than one year return on investment

  • SOA approach on the project lifecycle phase

  • Project management Services Included

  • End-User training and documentation

  • Multi-language equipment’s solution

  • Full Package of operational support

  • Procurement of hardware and all other equipment

  • Efficient use of existing airport space

  • Improve travelling options for passengers

  • Alleviated congestion in the ticketing area

  • Ability to move, add airlines and services as needed

  • Reduce airlines and airports costs

  • Improve efficiency during the checkin process

  • Operations Cost saving