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Self-Service Check-in Point

The endless lines at the check-in counters, and the need for frequent travelers to go faster have always been an inconvenience for both airports and the public. The Kiosk, based on the CUSS (Common Use Self Service Using) can meet the growing passenger demand for self-service convenience and addressing the need to optimize airport space.

At Global Systems we bring the power into passenger’s hands and enable them with the CUSS to obtain flight information, ticket purchases, seat reservations, baggage checking, and of course boarding passes printed.

The use of the CUSS kiosks delivers faster and more convenient check-in, ensuring that both passengers and airline customers receive the highest level of service.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero


  • Efficient use of existing airport space

  • Improved travelling options for passengers

  • Reduce capital expenditures for airports and airlines

  • Improve efficiency during the check-in process (CUSS kiosks can enable 45 to 50 passengers per hour while a traditional agent can process 20 to 25 per hour)

  • It permits airlines to be independent from systems provided by airport authorities or handlers

  • Can be installed anywhere at the airport

  • The CUSS Kiosks can be installed in a train station, hotel lobbies, car-rental offices,…

  • Local Team support

  • Less than one year return on investment

  • SOA approach on the project lifecycle phase

  • Project management Services Included

  • Multi-language equipment’s solution

  • Full Package of operational support

  • Procurement of hardware and all other equipment