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Baggages Reconciliation Systems

According to IATA statistics, more than 1,2 billion pieces of checked baggages are handled worldwide each year (about 2.9 million per day) and more than 31 million bags are mishandled, costing the air transport industry approximately $ 3.5 billion in direct costs alone.

As an airport operations manager, one of your main concerns is about baggage security and tracking efficiency. Your operational team needs to be informed about the baggage location at every phase of its transfer, who is the owner of the baggage, and whether loaded bags are matched with a boarded passenger.


At Global Systems we provide a turnkey hardware and software solution that allow you track efficiently the bag position to ensure they get on the right flights with the right owners.

BRS solution can be interfaced with your DCS allowing IT integration flexibility within your core system more quickly and at lower cost.

The system is not only economically efficient for large installations but also advantageous for smaller airports with sorting arrangements of a lower magnitude.

The system combines RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) with laser technology to offer reliable detection of bags that are provided with a tag.

Our portable scanners provide airport and/or airline staff with information that can be seen in a multi-cultural environment in order to be able to identify the path and location of a bag. This helps them to join together the bag with the passenger more effectively and rapidly, minimizing the impact of mishandled baggages and ultimately reducing operational costs.

We guarantee our Help to airport and airline managers to meet the puzzle of Baggage operations requirements.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero

  • 24/7,2 minutes baggage help desk

  • Local Team support

  • Less than one year return on investment

  • Mark bag functionality

  • SOA approach on the project lifecycle phase

  • Project management Services Included

  • End-User training and documentation

  • web based traceability

  • Multi-language equipment’s solution

  • Can be interfaced with SITA worldTracer

  • Full Package of operational support

  • Procurement of hardware and all other equipment

  • Allows Bag reflighting

  • Insurance that the right passenger will go with the right baggage

  • Works with the existing system

  • Cut Down of compensation payments

  • Decrease of misloading baggage errors

  • Improvement of customer satisfaction