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Your Business Integration IT Solutions Partner

We are the leading provider of end-to-end, vertically-integrated of IT solution and services. At Global Systems we Assess, Plan, Design, Deploy solution, Maintain, and Stay with our customer throughout the project life cycle.

In other words, we bring a complete packaged product for our customers worldwide.

These vertically-integrated services have increased the competitiveness of our customers during all the past years and have let them focus on their work to deliver the best service quality for passengers

Global Systems has a large Professional Services portfolio dedicated to Airports and Airlines that covers consulting, training, operational support, design and system integration and implementation.

And Because Projects have different sizes depending on the adopted solution, people involved, fixed budget, allowed risks, specific Time to realize…we put each phase of the project into four main phases:

  • Features and solution definition – Analysis and review of current business process and computing environments takes place, including a detailed risk assessment;

  • Planning – Best practices are followed to set preliminary design objectives regarding the customer requirements;

  • Implementation – The Designated solution is installed and tested, and live system is deployed. A Full-Time dedicated team of configuration engineers and project managers implement the right solution for your needs and handle all the changes in the core of the solution, in order to fulfill your business need at a fraction of the time;

  • Post-implementation Check– We obtain your feedback, evaluate the lessons learned, enhance the performances as necessary, secure that all documentation is updated accordingly to the initial plan and schedule for the future by establishing an ongoing infrastructure planning team. From now the project is in support and maintenance;

With a track record of success Global Systems is committed to help you achieve your business objectives and guarantee ,that you will be working with a Integrator who is your true partner-to minimize your cost and achieve the maximum values.

For more details, please contact us by E-mail contact@global-systems.aero